Tyle Myths


Tile Myths include :

Although to the untrained eye it may appear like that, this could not be further from the truth. Tiles, especially porcelain tiles of today, definitely need knowledgeable, professional installer. The technical knowledge for each situation is critical and many DIY installers or your “jack of all trades” type of contractor lacks the information to ensure the tiles are installed correctly with the correct layout.

Factors such as which setting material to use for what situation, when and where to use an anti-fracture membrane, or how about water proofing membraneall come into play. Other factors such as the type of grout for the particular use, the method for leveling the floor, what the minimum amount of setting material should be etc. are also important to settle prior to awarding your work to a tile contractor. At Canadian Flooring & Renovations we insist on doing it the right way the first time.

It would be our pleasure to provide any type of consulting that you may need to ensure a proper, long lasting installation of your beautiful new floor. Just come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

Although it is recommended to seal natural stones and even some ceramics, Porcelain tiles are generally not to be sealed. The reason for the former is that natural stones tend to be porous and that porosity is the reason dirt and stains will appear on the surface. Applying a good quality sealer is the best way to ensure that the tiles are protected from any staining or discolouring. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are not very porous and for that reason many manufacturers recommend against sealing porcelain tiles.

If you’re not at all handy, the idea of sealing your natural stone tiles may seem a bit daunting. Fear not though! Sealing is a very easy process that anyone can do in less time than it takes to mop that same floor. Just make sure you get a quality sealer.


This is perhaps the most common complaint that we hear at Canadian Flooring & Renovations. And although it may seem like porcelain tiles themselves are cold, the fact is tiles actually take on the temperature of the ambient surrounding very well. In other words, just raise the temperature of the house! Of course there is a fantastic low cost alternative and that is to put a heating system underneath the tile prior to installation. Warm tiles feel wonderful to walk on and in areas such as your bathroom or kitchen floors, it gives a comfortable, warm and cozy sensation.

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