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To hire or not hire a contractor?

So you’ve bought a new place that needs a home renovation vancouver (bathroom renovation or a kitchen renovation).  You may otherwise be in a situation whereby you really want your outdated bathroom or kitchen to be redone and fully or partially renovated.

In either case, you may find the road ahead slightly daunting or intimidating.  Dealing with contractors and finding kitchen cabinet options and do I do quartz countertops or granite countertops and and….

After figuring out all of the various needs and options for your kitchen or bathroom needs, you then need to decide whether to hire each sub-contractor individually or find one general contractor to take care of all the scheduling and ordering and managing your renovation project.

There really is no simple answer to this question.  The road for either situation has some pros and cons to it.


Of course the biggest pro for doing all the details and managing all the various trades for the various needs of the reno is you do save a little bit of money.

The cons of managing your kitchen or bathroom renovations however are quite a few. At the top of the list would be timing and scheduling of the trades. If you deal with a good general contractor and if he knows what he’s doing, the work and the various trades that are needed to do your reno work would be scheduled quite close together with few gaps in between each trade.  This alone can drive a home owner crazy.  We’ve all heard the stories of someone how started a kitchen or bathroom reno project and it took months and months.

Other important points to consider re doing it yourself or having a general contractor like Canadian Flooring & Renovations do the work, include warranty issues down the line.  When you deal with your own sub-trades, should anything go wrong for any part of the renovations, and should you need someone to step up and redo or correct a part of it, there is a high probability that each sub-trade would put the previous or the subsequent trade at fault.  It can become a nightmare that way for sure.  However when you have arranged for a general contractor to order and arrange everything, then they act on your behalf and deal with the warranty issues internally.

All in all, for the small savings that you would realize to manage your own renovation project, it may not be worth the headache and the various issues that inevitably come up in every renovation.

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