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Golden Ears

📌Introducing Golden Ears floor from the Monterey-laminate

Name of products: Golden Ears

Stock # WT 3018 Golden Ears

Size: 47-7/8”x 6-1/2”x 1/2”

Area: 17.264 Sqft/ Carton

Monterey Flooring is proud to present the new Ultra Waterproof SPC rigid core flooring. The Ultra Waterproof SPC floors are made for people who must have maximum durability and utility.

Headquartered in the City of Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, Monterey Flooring is one of the leading manufacturers and distributing companies of waterproof flooring in BC. Monterey Flooring captures old-world craftsmanship into high quality flooring products that provide fashion and utility to any home. We offer a specialist line up for engineered waterproof SPC rigid core flooring that bring long-lasting aesthetic value. Our durable SPC flooring products have gained name recognition because of their exceptional quality and value in the flooring market. We have established stable business connections with some of the most prominent home supply distributors and many home material retailers.

The Ultra Waterproof SPC core has 40% greater density than WPC products. Since these Ultra waterproof SPC core floors are constructed with a high density limestone composite which is extremely stable and can be installed over most subfloors. Monterey Flooring Ultra Waterproof SPC floors are durable, 100% waterproof, resistance to scratches made from our beloved Pets, and will remain stable.