Kara #6036-301 Canadian Flooring and Renovations


Kara #6036-301

📌Introducing Kara #6036-301 floor from the Pontek-laminate

Product Name 72 hours Water resistant laminate Kara # 6036-301
Board Size 1214 mm x 196 mm x 12 mm
Abrasion Resistance Rate AC4
Edges 4 side beveled, Waxed
Finish Registered Embossed,EIR/ Matte Finish
Core German technology 72 hours water resistant HDF core
Joint system Valinge 2G Drop Lock Click
Application On Grade
Above Grade
Below Grade
Indoor Air Quality E0 Standard
Warranty 5 Years Light Commercial Warranty
25 Years Residential Warranty

Warranty Kara #6036-301:

In addition to the our Original Limited 10 year residential warranty, We warrant our product against manufacturing defects that exist in its product prior to purchase by the consumer. Any manufacturing defect must be reported prior to the product installation in order to be covered under this warranty. We will replace any such defective material at no additional cost to the customer. Any damage that might occur during shipment is the responsibility of the shipping company.

This warranty is issued to the original retail consumer and is not transferable. The limited warranty applies only when the affected area is visible and covers a flooring area greater than one square inch. Proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other establishing document is required when requesting warranty service.