Montebello Canadian Flooring and Renovations



📌Introducing Montebello floor from the Goodfellow-laminate .

  • 12 mm x 5’’ x 48’’ Laminate flooring
  • Textured finish, except 5553 & 5559 : Embossed In Register finish (EIR)
  • Floating installation with Unilin « Drop Lock » system
  • Install on all levels
  • Made in China AC3
  • E1 Certified
  • 25 Year residential warranty
  • 3 Year commercial warranty
  • Floor Score Certified


Goodfellow Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of value-added lumber products, as well as a wholesale distributor of building materials and floor coverings. We have a distribution footprint from coast-to-coast in Canada servicing commercial and residential sectors through lumber yard retailer networks, manufacturers, industrial and infrastructure project partners, and floor covering specialists. We also leverage our value-added product capabilities to serve lumber markets internationally. We are a publicly traded company and our shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “GDL”.

In 1898, George C. Goodfellow entered the lumber industry as a broker, founding Goodfellow Lumber. Within four years, he established the first Goodfellow lumber yard located in Montreal. Over the years, the Company built up their reputation for service and solidified relationships with key customers in the manufacturing sector – in particular with the automobile industry who required wood for frames and running boards.